Ginkgo Street Labs is a technology consultancy firm started by Frank J. Gómez and Michael Z. Daryabeygi, focusing on providing CMS,CRM, website, web application development, database management and other IT services to the nonprofit arena. Frank and Michael have been serving nonprofit and advocacy organizations /associations for over fourteen years combined.

We specialize in CiviCRM (the leading open source CRM) and other open source Content Management Systems like Drupal, which allow you to move your message, manage constituencies, create content and empower yourself and staff.

As part of our mission to grow and develop open source tools, we actively participate in both the CiviCRM and Drupal projects, contributing bug-fixes and improvements to both projects. We are particularly active with CiviCRM, attending code sprints to write code with the core team and facilitating local users’ groups in the Washington, DC area.

Frank J. Gómez, Principal & Developer
@GinkgoFJG on Twitter, Skype & CiviCRM IRC, LinkedIn
Frank J. GómezFor me, advocacy and technology are inextricably tied together.   Having honed my skills in the nonprofit sector, I understand the financial and staffing constraints nonprofits face on a daily basis. As an advocate of free and open source software, I see the value in leveraging existing code, but recognize that solutions must be tailored to fit an organization’s specific needs. I have helped to put nonprofits in control of their websites with custom content management systems utilizing open source solutions like Drupal. My experience includes: Flash widgets, SMS broadcasts, email campaigns, and RSS feeds.

Previously I worked for a tech startup called Distributive Networks where I was part of the team that developed and maintained the award-winning SMS (text-messaging) platform that powered then-candidate Obama’s Presidential campaign. I was solely responsible for integrating the same platform with the Convio CRM for a different client, enabling:
- the SMS platform to send messages to member groups defined in Convio; and
- the updating of Convio member records based on information sent in via text message

More about me
I made my first foray into web development as a campus organizer at the University of Florida. Since moving to Washington, DC, in 2004 I have provided a wide range of IT services to several local and national nonprofit organizations, from basic infrastructure (networking, server administration, etc.) to web advocacy—in some cases serving as a one-person IT department.
What I love about open source & CiviCRM
CiviCRM is my favorite open source project. It is an excellent platform for nonprofits to engage their constituencies to further their missions. It's also a great example of how open source development enables communities to pool together resources and collaborate to do more together than they could do separately.
Issues I care about
Veganism and animal rights got me involved in activism. Animal agriculture is connected to so many problems is our society, including animal abuse, environmental degradation, hunger, and corporate corruption.
When I am not working, I enjoy...
...staring at ones and zeros and playing music in a local basement or DIY art space. I also enjoy making cashew-milk-based ice cream and veganizing my grandfather's recipes.

Michael Z. Daryabeygi, Principal & Developer
@GinkgoMZD on Twitter, Skype & CiviCRM IRC, LinkedIn
Michael Z. DarybeygiI am a long-time consultant for nonprofit organizations as well as state-level government agencies.  I have considerable project management and client communication expertise. I appreciate the unique technology needs of every organization.  I strive to ensure that client objectives and project budgets are met through articulation and elucidation of requirements, identification and mediation of technical risks, and fine-tuned timeline adherence through project management best practices and methodologies.

I have unique experience with analytical database apps giving me the opportunity to foresee the intersection of usability and interface design, data processing, organization processes and the technology platforms that are central to the web today. While data is created in and stored in myriad technologies, I can leverage an institution's data resources no matter what legacy systems they exist in, giving them new life on the web and finding new returns on old investments.

More about me
I was born and raised in the Washington Metro area. I have a strong sense of social justice having grown up among activists in Takoma Park in the 80's.  I started working with nonprofit websites starting in 2001.  I built a CRM from scratch before I got to know the CiviCRM community.

What I love open source & CiviCRM
I love open source & CiviCRM because of its holistic approach to technology creation.  Since users are central to the open source process, it results in a better product. The other thing that's great is that organizations get to own and control their critical infrastructure.

Issues I care about
I am passionate about protecting our democracy and our right to assembly and affiliation. I like to help communities maintain their identities and cohesion, and move their missions forward. I am a neo-urbanist because I think that sprawl is the biggest threat to our precious wilderness and bio-diversity.

When I am not working, I enjoy...
...biking to new places, peregrinating amongst the trees and mountains, enjoying art in the city and teaching Tai Chi Chuan.