CiviCRM on the Top Q&A Site, Stack Exchange

[Re-posted from the CiviCRM Partners' listserve]

Some of you are already aware but there is a stack exchange for CiviCRM proposal happening at the moment and I wanted to invite you to get involved.

The proposal started off at the Edale sprint - Bjorn (Systopia) and Luciano (Ixiam) and a few others were chatting about it after dinner and Luciano added it to area51 the next day.  It's had a pretty good amount of momentum since then and we seem to be cruising quite nicely through the 'define' stage. Would you believe, we are already hotter than 'Living in Germany' and 'Sex and Intimacy'? We are even on the brink of becoming hotter than both 'Emacs' and 'Pastafarianism':

If stack exchange for CiviCRM sounds like a good idea to you, please follow the proposal and vote for some questions.  If you have already followed it, make sure that you have used all your votes wisely.  IMO, it is preferable on questions that are not yet above 10 points.

Please also forward this email to others (on your team and further afield) that would be interested in getting involved.  The CiviCRM community is super-helpful bunch.  Having a powerful Q&A platform could really help channel this helpfulness, make all our users a lot happier, grow the project, etc., etc.

Here's the link:  If you aren't familiar with stack exchange, or why it could be a good thing for us, Artful Robot has written a nice blog post about it on our blog:

At the time of writing, we need 21 more questions with a score of 10 or more to progress to the next stage: commit, at which point we will all be asked to swear our allegiance to the project (we'll need 200 people). Once we've done that, we can start the beta.  You can read more about the process here:

Michael Mc Andrew