CiviCRM Upgrades

Like many open source projects, CiviCRM is shaped by its community, a far-flung ecosystem of users, developers, and implementers who utilize CiviCRM in many different ways and bring to it a wide array of skills, experiences, and perspectives. With every new release, CiviCRM evolves to suit a growing variety of needs and purposes.

Why Upgrade to CivCRM 4.5?
In September 2014, CiviCRM released version 4.5, which includes over 700 improvements and new features. Chances are, whatever you use Civi for, the new release will have something for you. For instance, if your needs include fundraising, version 4.5 allows for more sophisticated tracking of donors and donations, including the ability to issue ‘soft credits’ to donors who raise money on behalf of a community organization. If you’re using it to manage events, you’ll be able to offer new options for event registration, such as partial payments of registration fees. And, no matter why you use it, you’ll enjoy a sleek new user interface with more options.

We Make CiviCRM 4.5 Upgrades Easy 
Despite the benefits of the new release, upgrading your CRM can seem like a daunting task. That’s why Ginkgo Street offers upgrade support services, helping your organization implement the new version smoothly and with all your existing customizations. Typically, we can have you upgraded and running smoothly within a week, although your unique customizations may impact that time frame. Additionally, we’ll work with you to audit and document your existing customizations, so that not only will this upgrade be smooth, but your organization will be ready when the next major release comes out.

Check out the CiviCRM 4.5 demo here.  If you’re ready to upgrade and want to learn more about how Ginkgo Street Labs can help, drop us a line at