Evaluating Payment Processor Options

It is essential for organizations to make it easy for people to make a donation and make payments for events, memberships and more.  CiviCRM integrates with several payment processors, so individuals can donate and pay directly on the organization's website, instead of going to a payment processor's website.  However, not all payment processors are alike. They vary based on the fees, features, integration with CiviCRM and customer support. In making your selection, it is helpful to consider what are the most important factors for your organization. We provide you an overview of the factors to consider, questions to ask and a summary of cost and features for several payment processors that integrate with CiviCRM. We also encourage you to read the fine print in the Terms of Service for each payment processor before making your final decision.

When considering which payment processor to integrate with CiviCRM, there are several factors to consider:
1. Setup Cost
2. Ongoing Monthly Cost
3. Transaction Fees
4. Recurring Payments/Donations Fee
5. Mobile Payment Options
6. Fraud Protection
7. PCI compliance
8. Chargeback Fee
9. Refund Fee
10. Funds Transfer Process
11. Customer Support
12. Integration with CiviCRM

Here are some key questions you should consider when selecting a payment processor.

1. Would you like to offer the option for recurring donations/payments?
Example: Someone can sign up to make a monthly donation or renew their membership automatically every year.

2. Would you like to accept mobile payments?
Example: People can make a payment via a card reader at your events.

3. In terms of fees, how much will it cost per year based on monthly fees and percentage per transaction costs?
Example: Some payment processors have no monthly fee, but have a higher percentage per transaction costs. Some processors also vary the price based on the type of credit card being used to make the payment/donation.

4. How important are these other features, including PCI compliance, fraud protection, direct deposit, reporting, return fee etc.?

5. What is the process of getting your data out if you decide to switch payment processors?

Here are several payment processors that integrate with CiviCRM.

Setup: $49
Monthly Fee: $25
Percentage per Transaction: 2.9%
Cost per Transaction: $.30 cents
Chargeback Fee: $15
Funds Transfer Process: Authorize.net integrates with PowerPay Merchant Account. Funds are transferred to the organization's PowerPay merchant account within 24-48 hours.
Included: Recurring payments/donations
Included: Fraud protection
Included: Mobile payments
Additional: PCI Compliance (Offered through Trustwave)
Contact: Customer Support, 1-888-323-4289

Authorize with Merchant Account (need to setup separately and fees not included below)
Setup: $49
Monthly Fee: $25
Cost per Transaction: $.10 cents
Batch Fee: $.10 cents

Sign Up * Ginkgo Street Labs is an iATS Payments Partner

Monthly Fee: $20 ($15 + $5 Product Regulatory fee)
Percentage per Transaction: Visa & Discover 2.39%, Mastercard 2.65% and American Express 3.20%
Cost per Transaction: $0.21 cents
Chargeback Fee: None
ACH: $0.26 per transaction, $3.50 return fee and $10 a month if not already using credit card processing
Annual PCI Compliance Fee: $124.75 for PCI Smart Program (charged should your account remain open for 3 months, waived if organization already PCI compliant) 
Funds Transfer Process: Once the transaction is completed, funds are transferred within 24-48 hours. Fees are not substracted at the time funds are transferred. At the end of the month, iATS does an ACH transfer of their fees from the organization's account.
Included: Recurring Payments/Donations
Included: Fraud protection
Additional: Mobile payments
Contact: iATS Payments Support, 1-866-300-4287

Setup: None
Monthly Fee: None
Percentage per Transaction: 2.9%
Cost per Transaction: $.30 cents
ACH: Not available
Chargeback Fee: $15 (If dispute is resolved in your favor, fee is refunded.)
Funds Transfer Process: Earnings are transferred to your bank account on a 2-day rolling basis. The number of days to transfer to the bank account may vary from organization to organization depending on the volume of transactions. 
Included: Recurring Payments/Donations
Included: Fraud Protection
Included: Mobile Payments
Included: Integrations
PCI Compliance
Contact: Support

Setup: None
Monthly Fee: $30 (includes Recurring Payments, Virtual Terminal for phone payments)
Percentage per Transaction: 2.2% (same for ACH; Note: Paypal does not charge extra for Amex. All cards have the same rate.)
Cost per Transaction: $0.30 cents ($0.40 cents for ACH transactions) 
Chargeback Fee: $20
Funds Transfer Process: After receiving a donation, you have to manually transfer the funds to your bank account. The fees are automatically deducted by Paypal.
Additional: Fraud protection
Additional: Mobile payments, Paypal Here - credit card swiper is free, 2.7% per transaction, no other fees
Contact: Customer Support, FAQ, 1-866-365-6319