Subscribers to our maintenance plan are eligible for a big savings on support services. Use support time for training your staff, creating manuals that precisely match your processes, or just have a friendly voice on the line when you get stumped or something goes wrong. We differentiate support from consulting, where consulting would be discussing future configurations of CiviCRM, support is for using your system as is.

  • Ad hoc support available for the special rate of $80 per hour
  • On-call CiviCRM experts
  • Troubleshooting of problems
  • Customized training and documentation
  • Webinars and screencasts

Maintenance Plan Details

  • Costs
    Setup & Hosting Migration: $1,250 (Reduced for new installs.) 
    Maintenance Plan: $100 per month

  • 100% Free Hosting 
    We provide free hosting for CiviCRM & one of these integrated CMS--Drupal, Wordpress & Joomla.

  • Testing/Staging Environment:
    Allows you to review changes we make before they "go live." Staging environment can also be used by your staff for training and to test or preview their own changes.

  • Security Releases
    We ensure that CiviCRM and CMS security releases are applied in a timely manner.

  • CiviCRM Upgrades
    CiviCRM releases a new major version about every six months.This plan includes two major­ version CiviCRM upgrades per year. Major versions are releases that increment the second­ degree of a release number, e.g. ­ 4.4.0 or 4.5.0. We will help you decide which upgrades to apply and when. This only includes testing of customizations, not updating customizations IF the new release breaks the customization. We help to ensure that your customizations will be supported when we do initial maintenance setup.

  • SSL Certificate
    Required to secure donations, best practice for protecting personal identification data.

  • Mass Email Service
    Email Blacklist Avoidance: Send email blasts with assured delivery. We recommend SparkPost email service for most clients, but we will manage any provider you request. Fees from email service provider may apply. 

  • Donation Payment Processor CiviCRM Setup
    Gateway of your choice for any of CiviCRM’s already integrated processors. You create the account, we will configure the api keys and CiviCRM. Includes one Contribution/Donation or Membership page setup. (Theme customizations not included - main-site theme supported out-of-the-box by CiviCRM)

  • Daily Backups 
    We do daily backups stored off-server, so your data is always backed up.