Simplify Volunteer Management with CiviVolunteer

For many nonprofits, volunteers are absolutely vital, and their contributions keep the mission moving forward. Take, for instance, your local animal shelter. The small budget which a typical shelter operates on barely covers basic veterinary services, much less people to handle simple caretaking duties like walking dogs. Thus, animal shelters typically keep their dogs healthy and happy with volunteer walkers, who get them out of their enclosures and into the open air.

Did someone say ‘walk’?

CiviCRM has the capacity to manage volunteers by:

  • creating schedules
  • assigning duties and
  • collecting important data for reports.

In the case of the animal shelter, CiviCRM can manage the schedules for their volunteer walkers, and also schedule email blasts to keep those volunteers engaged and coming back.

That’s the simple story. CiviCRM’s volunteer management functionality work for nonprofits of all sizes. Organizers of the Creative South conference used the CRM in clever ways to manage a complex system of 60 volunteers. Their experiences have become part of the CiviVolunteer Road Map--our plan for developing the volunteer extension of CiviCRM.

If volunteers make the difference at your organization, keep an eye out for expanded volunteer functions releasing in the next few months. Or maybe it’s time to ask how your organization could benefit from leveraging volunteers, using an intuitive CRM designed for and by nonprofits.

Curious about CiviVolunteer? Call at 1-888-223-6609 or email us at to set up a demo, so you can see it in action.