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Building an Open Source Technology Strategy 
Open Source is everywhere--powering the internet, opening governments, creating alternatives to restrictive licensing. Join us for an exciting discussion about how open source can power and empower your organization. Technology is fraught with risks and challenges to realizing your organization’s infrastructure requirements. Proprietary software squelches innovation, limits the return on your IT investments, causes duplication of efforts and locks you into the provider’s terms. Open source and community software provide an opportunity to extend your resources to the community you operate in, have a better fit to your needs, and avoid supporting businesses that don’t share your organization’s values. Learn how to talk about open source within your organization so that it is incorporated into your evaluation rubrics. Discuss how planning for utilizing open source is different from proprietary purchasing. Discover the opportunities for furthering your mission by sharing technology with other organizations operating in your space.

Using Data to Move Supporters Along Ladder of Engagement 
What data should you collect about your supporters, how it will be collected, and how it can be used? This session focuses on how you can use what you know about your supporters to move them along the ladder of engagement. Supporters may start by signing up to your email list, making a donation, signing a petition or attending your event. How can you tailor your communications based on how your supporters are interacting with you? How do you create a strategy that moves them along the ladder of engagement from just a donor to a fundraiser? This session will focus on not only the strategies you can use, but also tools you can use to tailor your communication with supporters to move them along the ladder of engagement. A well-considered data architecture ensures that you can provide suitable messages through appropriate communication channels and effectively guide supporters up your ladder of engagement. This session is appropriate for people who manage memberships, development campaigns, constituent mobilization, volunteer programs, skill banks, and more.

Nonprofit Mobile Apps: Push Messaging, Gamification & More 
Find out how nonprofits are using mobile apps to leverage the power of mobile and build a supporter base. With mobile apps, nonprofits can have a direct channel of communication with their supporters and access to what they care about. Learn about how several nonprofits have worked with developers to plan and create mobile apps to fit within their overall engagement strategy. What have been the successes and challenges of specific tactics from push messaging to gamification? If your organization is thinking about creating a mobile app, you will find out what to consider, how much to budget, how to promote the app once it’s built and maintain the app over time.

Volunteer Management: From Strategy to Tools 
Volunteers can be an organization’s most important asset. They contribute time and often donate to the organization. Find out how you can create a strategy around recruiting and managing volunteers. In this session, we will have several presenters talk about different elements of volunteer engagement and management. We will also talk about how CiviVolunteer, an extension of CiviCRM, can help you to recruit and manage volunteers. We will do a demo of how CiviVolunteer works, and learn about case studies to manage volunteers effectively.