Projects: What's Cooking in the Lab?

Experienced developers, at your service...

Most organizations' needs aren't new. When working with our clients, we often find that we are in well-traveled territory. Why reinvent the wheel when we can build on existing technology? Open source projects like Drupal, WordPress, and CiviCRM can get us halfway to many our clients' goals out of the box.

However, certain situations call for truly custom solutions. Need your software to work "just so?" Have you come up with a new paradigm that won't let you sleep until it's realized? Proceed with confidence with the seasoned developers in the Lab. We can do rapid proof of concept or exploratory implementations as well as measured and carefully architected long-term projects.


Volunteer-specific management tools have been on the want-list of the CiviCRM project for a long time. Working with the CiviCRM core team and community, Frank spearheaded the development of the CiviVolunteer extension, which allows CiviCRM administrators to plan volunteer needs, create schedules, and track volunteer effort. Watch Frank's CiviVolunteer talk and demo from CiviCon London to learn more.

New Uses for Social Media APIs to Connect with Legislatures

Activists are always trying to bend the ears of legislators. When the controversial CISPA bill came before the United States Congress, digital privacy activist groups Demand Progress and Fight for the Future came up with a novel idea they needed Michael's help to implement. Integrating with Twitter's API, the groups auto-tweeted different combinations of the names and cities of anti-CISPA petition signers at the legislators' Twitter accounts.

The campaign was a major success, resulting in almost 1 million tweets, discussion on the hashtags it used, and media attention from Al Jazeera, Mashable, Ad Week, the Daily Dot, and more.