Is CiviCRM for You?

In the age of social networks, everyone is learning about the need for CRM. Whether you call it "Customer," "Constituent," or "Contact" Relations Management, your emphasis is on Relationships, and that is what CiviCRM does well. Because CiviCRM is open source, its development has been driven by real-world needs, and its core architecture has been refined to be flexible to a wide array of needs. Ginkgo Street Labs has years of experience providing CiviCRM based solutions to a variety of organizations.

CiviCRM is for you

CiviConcepts & Overview

Undoubtedly, your organization's software toolset is growing. The open nature of CiviCRM means that you can make full use of your data. You can model and track your organizations operations in CiviCRM and use your other tools more effectively.

At the heart of all of CiviCRM's functionality are a few basic, yet powerful concepts.

  • Contacts
  • Groups
  • Relationships
  • Activities

Create as many contact types as you need to specify a variety of fields for different types of contacts. Groups meet a range of needs from generating mailing lists to modeling organizational structures. Relationships can manage both external and internal relationships between organizations or individuals as well as confer memberships. Use activities to build workflows or simply track interactions between people. With all of the powerful combinations of these building blocks, we will carefully review your needs with you so we can guide you through the pluses and minuses of different approaches.

Collecting data is just the beginning — reporting is all-important for any information system. CiviCRM's report framework is robust and open. A selection of templates will give you a lot of mileage, and if that still doesn't satisfy, basic PHP skills are all that are required to create custom reports.

For Associations and Membership

The needs of membership and association organizations are well met by CiviCRM. Perfectly model and more easily track your members with fully customizable memberships.

  • Rolling or fixed membership periods with automated notices and reminders.
  • Multiple dues levels and discount options.
  • Search and manage groups of members.
  • Reporting on dues collection and more.

For Activists and Advocates

Grassroots organizers are a strong contingent of the CiviCRM project. Their efforts have brought about the CiviCampaign suite of functionality and other components. CiviCRM provides a robust toolkit for managing postal or email mailings. From design and execution to metrics and analysis, CiviCRM will give you detailed control as well as a high-level view of your communications campaigns.

The campaign feature-set is much more than managed mailings. You can split your contacts into diverse groups, solicit and aggregate surveys, manage phone banks, do peer-to-peer campaigns, manage volunteers, and more!

Read more on the website:

For Community Organizations

CiviCRM is great for bringing people together — especially paired with a Content Management System. Traditionally only within reach of large organizations, CiviCRM is becoming more accessible to small or special purpose organizations.

  • Create an online collaboration space
  • Manage and share documents with permissions
  • Automated or ad hoc reminders
  • Calendars
  • Rally and Manage Volunteers
  • Raise Funds

For Events

Event planning can be a complex operation. You need to manage communications; schedule and coordinate staff; take payments; and schedule, register, and check-in attendees. Use CiviCRM to:

  • Integrate into your website to provide event information and user forms
  • Register users online and provide user self-service
  • Customize registration forms to gather preferences or other information on attendees
  • Manage volunteers
  • Manage resources with CiviBooking
  • Generate event badges

For Everyone

While the CiviCRM community is mainly fostered by nonprofits and associations, the solutions it provides have a wider application. As the strongest open source CRM community worldwide, CiviCRM is often a good choice for anyone looking to make the most of visitors coming to their website. CiviCRM integrates well out of the box with: Wordpress, Joomla!, and Drupal.

  • Capture and leverage more information about your visitors
  • Create and archive newsletters
  • Build a structured email list
  • Accept donations both on- and offline
  • Manage a calendar of events, and take paid or unpaid registrations both on- and offline