Video: Ask the Experts, Diving into CiviVolunteer

On February 26th, we organized an Ask the Experts Q & A Chat where we dove into questions about how to use CiviVolunteer to manage volunteer activities. Frank J. Gómez, Principal and Developer of Ginkgo Street Labs, answered questions related to CiviVolunteer, including what you can do with CiviVolunteer, how you can work around limitations of CiviVolunteer, and how CiviVolunteer integrates with other CiviCRM features. Check out the recording below.

Survey & Raffle: Help Improve CiviVolunteer

Volunteers play an important role in nonprofit organizations not only in terms of the time they donate, but also because they serve as ambassadors for organizations and frequently become regular donors. It takes time, effort and good tech tools to grow and manage their volunteer programs effectively. Recruiting, assuring training and skills, sending reminders and giving ongoing feedback are all important to having happy volunteers and a successful project.

Simplify Volunteer Management with CiviVolunteer

For many nonprofits, volunteers are absolutely vital, and their contributions keep the mission moving forward. Take, for instance, your local animal shelter. The small budget which a typical shelter operates on barely covers basic veterinary services, much less people to handle simple caretaking duties like walking dogs. Thus, animal shelters typically keep their dogs healthy and happy with volunteer walkers, who get them out of their enclosures and into the open air.

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